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We believe people with disabilities have rights and responsibilities as citizens and as individuals in our community. ADAM Inc. supports and upholds these rights as outlined in the United Nations Convention of the rights of persons with disabilities

We believe people with disabilities have the right to participate in and be included in their families, their communities and mainstream society. Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders and other diverse cultural groups will be supported to strengthen their connection to their culture and community. Where ADAM Inc does not have the capacity to resolve specific issues such as housing or employment etc. we will work with and/or refer individuals to specialist agencies who focus in these areas.

We believe supports are more effective for the individual when they are specifically tailered and delivered out in the community. We reject centre-based services or other options that bundle people together based on disability or perceived need.

We believe all individuals, regardless of disability, have the capacity to live their own lives as they wish if they are provided with fair and necessary supports.

We believe every individual has the right to a formal or informal advocate if they wish to assist them in their decision-making. ADAM Inc is unable to provide formal advocacy. The Disability Advocacy Finder provides details and locations of organisations who can assist with formal advocacy.

We believe clearly defined policies are essential to keep ADAM Inc on track and to ensure we remain focused on the people we support. Our policies that can be downloaded here are currently undergoing a major review.Our Policies

Focusing on peoples ABILITY, treating them with DIGNITY and
supporting them to ACCESS the community and MANAGE their own lives.