Planning ensures areas essential for a person’s health and wellbeing are identified along with his/her interests and personal goals. These often consist of the following areas.

1. The individual’s goals and strategies to achieve them.
2. Information for support workers and others involved in people’s lives that empowers them to work on their goals and have a positive life. Key areas in a plan include:

  Who the person is
  Their wellbeing, needs and dreams
  Necessary supports
  Their likes and dislikes
  Overcoming challenges
  Strengths and interests
  Independent life skills

The NDIS Domains cover all aspects of living and having a good life. ADAM inc. supports individuals to consider which of these domains are important to him/her during the planning process.

  Daily Living Health and Wellbeing
  Home Social and Community
  Choice and control Lifelong learning
  Work Relationships

3. Individuals are involved in ongoing review of their plan as needs and goals change over time.

Focusing on peoples Ability, treating them with Dignity and
supporting them to Access the community and Manage their own lives.